Top three McLaren Cars

McLaren Automotive is well known all over the world for the manufacture of posh and high performance exotic cars. The company is based on the United Kingdom. It started business in the year 1989, and specialized in the manufacture of sports vehicles, especially those based in the formula one sports. The company has expanded into producing different types of racing vehicles. Over the years, the company has produced the most efficient and lucrative cars in the world. The company has produced different types of vehicles; the top three McLaren cars include McLaren Limo MP4-12C, McLaren F1, and MP4/98.

The company originally specified in the production of SUV. Their cars were such important that they were considered the super power in the automobile industry. Their cars are notable for its fitness and this is obvious from the first class vehicles the company has produced over the years. The company has also produced other precious and expensive cars apart from those mentioned above. The company’s product is very special. Their cars could compare with the fastest, best and the most expensive cars in the world.

The company has different products. One of the best cars from the company includes the McLaren Limo MP4-12C. This is perhaps the most efficient supercar ever produced. It was popular for its shear power and intelligent design. It is so powerful that you can get as much as 62 mph in about three seconds. It is the fastest car in the world and the top speed is more than 200. The car can be used both on the racetrack and on the road.

McLaren MP4-12C was unique, because it was the first car that was designed by the company since the manufacture of McLaren F1. The car was introduced to the market in the year 2011. If you wanted to hire the Mclaren limo, it is only available from select few companies. However if you would like to hire more traditional vehicles you could try

Mclaren f1Another great McLaren car is the McLaren F1. This was the first car produced by the company. It was a sport car and could accelerate from 0-60 per hour. The car was designed with formula one sport in mind. The car, which was started in 1992, was finally released to the market in 1995.

The third popular McLaren car is the MP4/98. The car was launched in 1998 in Australia, and it was used in the 1998 Grand Prix season. The vehicle was popular, because it was the first ever tandem formula one car produced. It was also unique not only by its performance, but also by its design.

McLaren cars were popular for their efficiency and high performance. In designing their cars, they placed much emphasis on both the safety and comfort of their users. Those cars mentioned above remained the most suited for formula one. McLaren is considered the most exclusive and the fastest car in the market today.

It is obvious that the company has come a long way in the design of the most prestigious car. They have dominated the market in the last two decades as shown from the popular brands reviewed above. Their products broke the ground in lots of ways. Their cars the most comfortable vehicle you can have. Their products remained the best performance car you can lay your hands.

The History of McLaren Automotive

In the year 1989, McLaren Automotive was born. Still going strong today this British automotive manufacturer produces some of the highest quality high performance cars in the world. One of the most widely known producers of street legal high performance cars, McLaren has been the go to car for many decades. McLaren has taken Formula One technology and used it to super charge street legal cars. McLaren Automotive has worked with other car manufacturers like Ford and Mercedes to create a limited number of cars. These souped up cars are highly sought after and car enthusiasts pay lots of money to own one.

mp4Bruce McLaren The Founding Father of McLaren Automotive

Bruce McLaren the founding father of McLaren Automotive had racing in his blood. He got his start in the racing world when he was only a teenager. His father who backed his love for the race track gave him a Austin Ulster which had been modified. Several years later after becoming an engineer, McLaren designed and built his very own Formula One car. He debut this super fast car in Monaco and he took 10th place in the qualifying round. With that success, McLaren went on to race in the British Grand Prix just two months after racing the car for the very first time.

Tragic Events Changed Everything

Just a few years after building his first Formula One racecar, McLaren was doing a test run in the McLaren M8D. While racing around the track McLaren lost control of the car and wrecked which killed him. This event shocked the racing world and still to this day everyone in the racing community still remembers the day. But McLaren had lived on through his company. The company did not let this tragic event stop them from honoring McLaren by keeping the company going. Now McLaren the company has moved on to do great things in the field of racing and high performance cars.